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“Saint John the Baptist” Monastery

“Saint John the Baptist” Monastery- the place from above Panciu City

The road to “Saint John the Baptist” Monastery is through vine yards but once you get there the scenery is breathtaking.

“Saint John the Baptist” Monastery is situated on a hill above Panciu city, in Neicu district.

“Saint John the Baptist” Monastery from Panciu was one of Brazi Hermitage monasteries. “Saint John the Baptist” Monastery was built between 1826- 1828 by Dimitrie , abbot at Brazi Hermitage. In year 1894 besides the wooden church it is built a stone one also. In 1936, Teodor Antohi, a priest from Bucharest, builds a church which will be destroyed during 1940 earthquake. In 1960 the monastery is closed and reopened in 1999.

Saint John the Baptist is the patron of a monastery where live two nuns.

Location Map

GPS coordinates – 45,90147 – 27,08434

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