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Wines from Panciu Vineyard promoted at the “Transylvania Tourism Fair” 2014

Posted on Apr 3, 2014 | 1 comment

Wines from Panciu Vineyard promoted at the “Transylvania Tourism Fair” 2014
Wines from Panciu Vineyard and the handicraft of wine, the traditional occupation of Panciu inhabitants, were promoted at the 7th edition of “Transylvania Tourism Fair (TTF)”, held from 28-30 March 2014 at Brașov Business Park.
On this occasion, representatives of the Territorial Administrative Unit showed to the visitors the sights of the city with identity value, namely, Brazi Monastery with it’s unique underground chapel in Romania, “St. John” Hermitage, heritage Monuments Cellars, known as Hrubele luiȘtefan cel Mare, Stefan Marin and Vlădoianu Cellars.
It has also been projected the short film, produced during the project with European funding “Traditie si spiritualitate panceana” – which promotes the attractions of the Panciu city-Vrancea County”, SMIS CODE 18649.
Deputy Mayor stated that the participation of Panciu City Hall at “Transylvania Tourism Fair” 2014 is included in the sustainability actions of this project.
“Travel Fair from Brașov is among the most important events of its kind in Romania, being part of the calendar of fairs ANAT 2014. This year, in addition to the sights of Panciu, “Brazi” Hermitage, “St. John” Monastery and the cellars, heritage monuments, we have brought to the attention of the visitor the wines from Panciu vineyards, known as quality wines, awarded at festivals and competitions in the country and abroad. At the same time, we promoted the traditional handicraft of wine. We enjoy the fact that visitors have expressed a real interest to the sights of Panciu city, assuring us that they will be included on the list of holiday destinations this year, ” said Deputy Mayor Iulian Nica.
Press Office of Panciu City Hall

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