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Cellars patrimony monuments

Panciu – noble wines in noble cellars!

Panciu City is the starting point for “The Road of Wine”. Panciu is well known in Romania as the place where sparkling wine is produce through Champenoise method, but it is known also for the fact that this bottle containing sparkling wine are left to filter inside Stephen the Great Cellars- historic monument code LMI VN- II- m- A- 06545.

Picture from inside Stephen the Great Cellars – Panciu city

Documentary certification. “Stephen the Great” Cellars were discovered in 1954 when, after few people burned some rubbish and saw that the smoke got out from the ground several meters away. Documentary, the cellars are attested at the end of 17th century. In a document from August 19th 1700 it is noted that “ Ion Pendele, Mihail Grecul’s son in law, together with his wife Maria sold to Ion Costin Serdar and his wife Safta, four acres of vine at Crucea de Jos and at Deer Valley, together with a cellar, a house and an orchard, by the sum of  135 lei. This is the first official mentioning of the cellars- historical monument Code VN- II- m- A- 06545.

Panciu legends. Legends regarding these cellars and other cellars from Panciu city are charming.” Legends and mystery surrounds the hills cultivated with vine around Panciu City ever since Burebista times” is the beginning of a press article publish in local media in 2005 by the title “ The Mistery from Stephen the Great cellars”. While Jurnalul National wrote in 2008 “there are places where history begins where legend ends. There are also other places where history and legend mingle. In this places present time rolls on past from where it comes back filled with flavors.

In Panciu city there are other significant cellars. We may name Beciul Domnesc, documentary attested in 18th century, historic monument code LMI VN- II- m- A- 06546, Marin Stefan Cellar, documentary attested in 19th century, historic monument code LMI VN- II- m- B 06544 and Vladoianu Cellar documentary attested in 19th century, historic monument code LMI VN- II- m- B- 06543.

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GPS coordinates – 45,92125 – 27,10618

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