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Brazi Hermitage

Brazi Hermitage – underground oration place

Legends and mystery surrounds the hills cultivated with vine around Panciu City. There are places where history begins where legend ends, and places where history and legend mingle. In this places present time rolls on past from where it comes back filled with flavors.

Brazi Hermitage is a place where history meets legend

Brazi Hermitage is this kind of place. Here, there is an underground chapel and a tunnel, which is known as a linkage with another monastery- Saint John the Baptist. Unique oration place, Brazi Hermitage can be visited nowadays, being inhabited by nuns. The relics of Saint Teodosie lay here, the founder of the monastery, who was sanctified since 2003.His relics lay on the monastery church after they were discovered in underground church. At Brazi hermitage the writer Ioan Slavici spent an important part of his life. Here together with Gala Galaction he translated the Bible. Brazi Hermitage is situated at approximately 1 km south-west of Panciu city, under the Neicului Hill, on the right shore of Haulita river.

History. According to historical data Brazi Hermitage was built during the Reign of Stephan The Great. The records show that on the second half of 17th century, at Brazi Hermitage came Teodosie the II nd of Moldavia. In 1670 he was chosen bishop of Radauti, and in 1672 bishop of Roman. In 1674 he was chosen Metropolitan of Moldavia. After 1676 the church was rebuild on the domain of Teodosie the II nd and on his expense. After his death Teodosie left his entire fortune to Brazi Hermitage.

The Monastery had a troubled history, being destroyed a rebuilt several times. In 1959 it was abolished and in September 9th 1990, in the presence of sisters Iustina Angheluta and Pavelina Cafagiu, the worship for consecration of the new church was held. Now, At Brazi Hermitage there are 20 sisters and nuns.

The underground church makes connection to ”Saint John the Baptist” Monastery

The underground church from Brazi Hermitage

The underground church made of stone arises the visitor’s curiosity. In the past, the iconostasis was carved in wood, painted and gilded. Now the underground church is under renovation. In the aisle caved at the beginning of the tunnel, the tomb of Saint Teodosie was discovered. His relics are now in the church. It is very interesting to mention that from this underground church one can step into a tunnel and can get out 1,5 km far on the Susita river valley. This was a secret passage which was kept until now but it cannot be visited.

It is important to mention that one can sleep during the night at Brazi Hermitage, two stars conditions, but the cells are not accredited for ecumenic or rural tourism.



Location Map

GPS coordinates – 45,90047 – 27,08317

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